How to Show Your Wife Your Love with Help from DailyCharmer

Bravo! Congratulate yourself, man!  You are a man’s man.  The fact that you even find yourself here today means that you are someone who knows and understands the beauty of love, and you want to know how to show your wife your love.

You also know that love is a verb… that there’s no such thing as idle love and that it is a living, thriving emotion.  You know that love lost is the saddest, sorest feeling, and that love won is second to nothing.

When you hear Victor Hugo’s immortal words, “To love another is to see the face of God,” you burn with zeal because you feel it.  You know it. The quote, “the most precious possession, that ever comes to a man in this world, is a woman’s heart,” may belong to Josiah Holland, but the words are true to you.  And because they are true to you, you’re here.

Beach KissingYou want to show your wife your love.  You want her to know, implicitly, that she is loved deeply and dearly. Well, you’re in luck, because I want to, too.  (No, not your wife, mine… sorry for the scare).  And so do all the other men who visit (No. They want to show their wives their love, not mine… why has this become so confusing)?  Anyways, yes, we’re all going to show our wive together.

How to Show Your Wife Your Love

Step 1: Commit that you’ll love her more each and every day.  You’ll show her your love in simple ways that are neither expensive, nor time-consuming.

Step 2: Sign up for the Daily Tip. It’s right here, in the sidebar… no, not later… now… Let’s get this started!  Each day, you’ll get an email with the charm of the day – something easy you can do to demonstrate your love.

Step 3: Do it.  Every day.  Do it.  If the charm you get in your inbox isn’t easy enough, come on back and pick up another.  You can filter our charms with the categories in the right sidebar.  If it’s a gift you need, narrow your search to gifts.  If you need something you can do in under 5 minutes, select that category.  Whatever you do, do it.  And don’t miss a day.  You’re out of town?  All the more reason to ensure that she knows you’re thinking about her. If it’s not daily, it’s just charm, and you’ve committed to both.

Step 4: Allow it to become you.  It may feel concocted, fake, or corny, but as you show her your love and affection in every form – gifts, service, words, touch, and time –  the thoughts, the feelings, and the emotions will overcome you.  DailyCharm will become not just something you do, but something you are.  Soak it in.  Live it.  Be it.

Step 5: Seek out other resources to add romance to your life, and more magic in your relationship. There is no shortage of good advice out there, but there is an abundance of distractions. Strive, every day, to become more and more the man that she deserves.

I want to thank you for being the kind of man you are – the kind who loves his woman – the kind who is so busy loving her that he can’t be caught up loving other men’s women – the kind who help redeem the men of mankind from the overabundance of scoundrels.  There ought to be more of us in this world.

Here’s to us!


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